Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Applications for the 2016 festival are now being accepted!

All interested vendors will need to submit a completed application accompanied by 2-4 photocopied images of their craft to the AFHF Committee by March 7, 2016.  (Please do not attach actual photos to your application.  We cannot return images to vendors any longer and photocopies are more manageable).  Growers and food vendors do not need to send in pictures with their application.  Payment is NOT required with your application. You will be asked to provide payment once your are accepted as a vendor.

All applications will be reviewed by the Committee and vendors will be chosen through a group decision.  

Those folks who make a craft, sell prepared foods, plants, candy, jewelry etc. need to fill out the Vendor Application

Those vendors wishing to provide food on a large scale, in our Asparagus Alley (restaurants, caterers) should contact the Chair at asparagusfestival@charter.net for further information. 

Our application review policy (juried) is working well.  It was implemented so that the festival could offer some new products every year to visitors instead of having the same items year after year.  It was also brought about by the increased amount of inquiries we were getting from new vendors with fun, interesting products but the lack of available spaces we had from giving returning vendors first dibs.  So, that being said, we are excited to see what this year will bring.  There are so many creative people out there with excellent products to offer!

The deadline for first consideration will be March 7, 2016.  All vendors will be notified of their acceptance by April 4, 2016.  Applications will still be accepted after that date but spaces will be limited.  Payment in the form of a check must be received by the Committee with your application to reserve your space.  Any questions regarding this process can be sent to asparagusfestival@charter.net.
Now for some basic festival info:

The festival is on May 21st, rain or shine, from 10-4.  Set-up begins at 7 a.m and all vehicles MUST BE off the Common by 9:00am.  Once the festival is underway, vendors will not be able to leave until the event is over (safety issue).  Vendor parking will be the same as always with 2 lots nearby open to vendor vehicles once you have unloaded and set-up.  If someone has special needs in regards to parking, it is critical that you let us know before the day of the festival. We cannot guarantee specialty parking the morning of the festival. There are 2 handicapped parking spots available but additional accommodations can be made if necessary.   

Please be reminded of the importance of a canopy as shade is at a premium and we cannot guarantee its availability.  Also, our spaces are measured for a 10 x 10 canopy.  If your canopy is a 12 x 12, you will need to sign up for a 20 x 10 space and pay accordingly.  Please check the size of your tent before sending in your application.  

If anyone needs electricity, make sure that is checked on the application because it cannot be provided on the day of the event after all spaces have been assigned.  Electricity is limited and so first priorities are given to vendors who need it for demos, food production or refrigeration.  

Lastly, for those vendors who sell edible items, please bring your own trash receptacle and bags.  It makes the committee’s job a little easier.  Looking forward to seeing you all again.  See you in May!

2016 Vendor Application